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Ianthe Mauro

Ianthe’s circle: Join other conscientious product makers & business visionaries

Ianthe’s circle: Join other conscientious product makers & business visionaries

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ianthe's circle

The community of makers, sellers and entrepreneurs you've been craving! Guided by Ianthe and her years of experience in product making, selling and scaling. A supportive loving community so you don't have to do it alone anymore.

The support you deserve is here, For less than one dinner out a week. 

You’re doing all the things in your product business and need clarity, practical tools, advice and validation from someone who’s done it all.

You’re craving community, and tired of working alone. You want a place to check in with other product business owners and makers, a place that’s curated by Ianthe, not random social media groups. 

 You can look forward to:

  • 1 download with practical tools and tips that worked for Ianthe. 
  • 1 zoom EVERY WEEK lead by Ianthe for an hour of tips, Q&A and connection.
  • A support group (Private Facebook) of heart centered product business owners open 24/7. 
  • Special VIP guest presentations.

 Anyone in the circle can drop into the zoom weekly with ianthe to ask questions, get feedback, or just check in for accountability. Ianthe will not let you fall through the cracks! You are worthy of the abundance you so readily give to others. This is your time to have a seat at ianthe's round table. 

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