Jordan L. Geller, M.D.
"I not only have them in my home, but I have prescribed them to patients for aromatherapy. They smell so good you don't want to light them."

Sahaja Douglass, Mother and Psychotherapist
"Last night I spent twenty minutes telling my husband how much I love Ianthe's candles. Really, twenty minutes. It is the perfect candle. They make my house smell fantastic, they are sustainable, the glass jars and candles are made locally, the candles are beautifully packaged with accompanying matches and "smear sticks" so you can easily apply some of the organic shea butter/coconut oil candle to your wrists or body. Also, they come with playful, cool names and they burn cleanly, so they won't harm you or your family members. I initially bought 15 for holiday gifts and then ordered another 15 because the response has been so enthusiastic from teachers and friends who have already received them. If you are looking for a gorgeous, classy, sustainable gift that every adult will appreciate, this is the gift to buy! And when it is not the holiday season, buy them for yourself because who doesn't need more light in their life?" 

Danielle Stokdyk, TV Producer
"Objects with Purpose candles are my absolute favorite! I love that they are locally made using essential oils and are so "clean" and "pure" that they can also be used as a perfume and body lotion. Plus they make the entire house smell amazing!" 

Clare Carey, Actress
"I love these candles! After you enjoy the delicious scent and the warm ambience, you can then moisturize your skin with them! They are both good for your skin and good for your environment, and they are of course all natural. Its a win win win win."

S. J. Hodges, Writer
"As a new mom, I'm very careful about my daughter's environment. OWP candles are the only candles I'll burn in the house because I can be certain that she won't be inhaling any toxic fumes and they make the whole house (especially a "poopy" nursery) smell clean and inviting (even if we haven't had time to do the laundry!). I'm also a huge fan of the room spray for the same reason!"

Barrie Trinkle, Writer
"I love OWP candles because the scents have so much depth and warmth, both in the air and on my skin. They aren't "sweet" and characterless like so many commercial women's fragrances, but rich and interesting, and if I use the oil in the morning I feel the aura with me all day. "Gifted" is my favorite candle ever."

Frank Barone, MD
"The designer of the line is so creative we can’t wait to see her next addition to Objects With Purpose.The wax Ianthe uses is actually wearable!"

American Salon Magazine
"Objects With Purpose candles are taking relaxation to a more interactive level."

Things To Love Right Now
"These are the most romantic things to love right now..."

"Ianthe has created these darling candles that double as hard perfume... this concept alone made me salivate."

"30 Things We Love Los Angeles, 3rd Place: Objects With Purpose"

 Genevieve Angelson