ianthe's background

Why are you qualified to help?

I started the eco luxury candle brand "objects with purpose' in 2009, which sold 6 figures and more each year for over a 15 years.  I did everything in the product business world from, branding, creating, fragrance, sales, marketing, copy writing, website making, fulfillment, manufacturing, outsourcing, international distribution, packing/shipping, trade shows, rep groups, brick and mortar, social media, private label and more. I even got to pitch to a QVC panel and became an official QVC vendor. I've worked with coaches and mentors and I am a certified coach through Chris Atley's "Decisions By Design

What do I get in the group "ianthe's circle"?

  • An invitation to immediately join a private group for all in the circle.
  • A zoom for 1 hour each month to ask ianthe questions and have a mini masterclass. 
  • A digital download with actionable facts to help your business. 

Do you still make candles?

Yes! Private label only by request. Minimums required. Email: ianthe@objectswithpurpose.com for details. 

How do I ask more questions?
Email: ianthe@objectswithpurpose.com