My why

From candle creator to product fairy godmother.


I've been coaching small business start ups to have successful home based product businesses since 2020. I've filled virtual rooms and zooms with hundreds of makers and guided them to resources, price structures to retain profits, brand design, social media presence, copy writing, contacts for sales both retail and wholesale and mindset shifts to create empowered beliefs when the world seemed against them.

This NEW website is an invitation to work with me and learn from my years of product business experience branding, in person events, brick and mortar, marketing, wholesale, trade shows, sales reps, distribution, media appearances, press, private label, collaborations, e-commerce product design sales and customer service.


Because I've been you. I've been confused, anxious, frustrated, broke and plagued with self doubt. I learned how to dissolve imposter syndrome and lead from a place of empowerment.

You don't have to wear every hat and do everything alone anymore. This is your opportunity for group support or one on one personalized guidance with me.

I am so excited to share what I've learned to do and NOT to do in product business and help creators to profit without the panic.

From my whole heart,