My Metal Wagon

It was 1976.
I filled a red metal wagon with books and toys from my room and rolled it up the side walk offering to "sell" my not-so gently-used goods to any neighbor who noticed. The sign I made said: "For Sale" and i'm pretty sure the "E" was backwards which made it look like hieroglyphics. I remember how excited I was at the potential to sell something. I "hired" my sister, (she was only 4 at the time), as my wagon puller-helper. I offered any toy of her choice as compensation. I don't remember selling anything or having any encounters with potential "shoppers". I remember feeling driven by a purpose. To help my family pay the bills. I had overheard a discussion between my parents about having to pay something and not being able to. I imagined surprising them with a handful of change and saving the day! 
It is 2019.
This new website is my metal wagon. A way to reach friends and family, neighbors and candle lovers far and wide. 
A direct way to contribute to my family. It feels just as personal and exciting as it did in the 1970's. I am so grateful to have this space to share with you when you're looking for a special gift or delivery system for self-care. The quality control is much better and the "neighborhood" is the world at large (or anywhere the internet is available).
Candles are an ancient technology that allow us to focus an intention or prayer on the flame connecting us to that higher purpose. I hope you find a scent to fall in love with and create a candle-lighting tradition in your life. 
By the way, 
My sister chose a Russian nesting doll as her payment. I don't think the littlest doll was nestled in the center because I remember carrying that tiny painted piece in the pocket of my Holly Hobbie inspired apron. 
love & light, 


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