A Baby Out of Thin Air?



Do you make a wish on every candle you light?

My dear friends were desperate to have a family and not able to physically make that work.

After multiple attempts they decided to adopt. In France you cannot adopt a baby from birth, so they traveled to stay with me here in the U.S.

They wanted to find a pregnant Momma looking to place her lucky baby into a home across the ocean.

The process involved many screenings, an expensive lawyer and lots of prayers.

They were turned down by every Mom because they were going to raise the baby so far away.

On the last night in California they were losing hope. We sat down to dinner and I suggested lighting a candle, asking for their baby to be brought into the light and into their world.

We literally waved our hands around the candle flame asking for the new soul to find them. The next morning, on their way to the airport, they got a call from the lawyer.

"A pregnant Mom has chosen you to be the parents!"

That was over 10 years ago. I am the proud Godmother to my dear Antoine in Paris!

Never underestimate the power of bringing intentions into the light!

Bring your miracle into the light. 

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